July 23, 2017

Bib Number:


Race Results:
Final Time: 3:05:35

Swim – 43:14 (2:31/100 meters)

I wasn’t sure how to go into this swim. I mean I felt comfortable and confident, but the water temperature was 87 on race day so there was no way I could go out and push hard. With that in mind, I went over to the swim practice are prior to race start to get a good feel for how the water actually felt.. and just like I expected, it was HOT! As the race began I made a point to get close to the front, but all the way to the right. I did this knowing that I’d be slower than I’d like due to the water temperature. But I stayed to the right to avoid battling other racers as they tried to hug the bouy’s on those turns. Once I hit that first bouy (left turn) and onto the LONG stretch which lasted about 1,000 meters I was able to get into a comfort zone, although it was an easy and slow zone! I do a terrible job of making race day plans so I didn’t set goals on the swim (or race in general) until about 600 meters into the swim. At that point I felt great… ended up setting a goal of 40 minutes, which I missed by just over 3 minutes. While my stroke felt great, my constant sighting/lack of open water swim practice definitely had an effect as I had to make three more turns around the bouy’s. Nonetheless, I felt great about my swim overall considering where I was last year. Before getting out the water I began to change my stroke/kick dramatically. I did this intentionally so I could get more comfortable doing the run from swim finish/out to the transition area.

swim finish
Transition 1 – 2:56

The trot between the swim finish and transition 1 was about a quarter mile run through a sanded beach area then grass as you reach your bike. This is something I need to work on because three minutes for a transition is just way too long. I’m not going to win anything, but I do need to find ways to cut time where I can.

Bike – 1:15:47 (19/mph)

The bike course at this race is nice and flat. Yes, there are a few hidden inclines in there, but nothing challenging at all! This was a two loop bike course, about 25 miles in total. Nothing really stuck out with the bike course, but the roads were well marked and had police at every intersection as some roads were open to drivers.


Transition 2 – 2:20

As I finished the bike I wanted to try something new. I had a bit more energy drink in my water bottle so instead of waiting to get to the bike rack to drink, I chose to start drinking whole running once I got off my bike. This helped a lot because I felt much better going into the run. I had to sit down and tie my shoes as I didn’t have the the elastic shoe-ties so  that cost me some time in T-2.


Run – 57:17 (9:20/mile)

This run was a pretty simple 10K through Mercer County Park. And like the bike, this race was pretty flat all throughout. The one thing about this run course that I appreciated was all of the support provided throughout. They had both water and Gatorade at just about every 1.5 miles throughout the race. Some water stations even provided nutrition and ICE-COLD towels for everyone racing. Having support like this on the course make racing much easier because it takes a lot of the “thinking” out the way as you know you’ll be taken care of.


Overall/Final – 2:11:43

Overall, this was one of the best races I’ve participated in. My training has been ramped up as I gear up for Ironman Maryland so to go out and complete New Jersey State Triathlon as well as I did was a great indication that things are working. In regards to the race itself… CGI has it figured out. They definitely bring out all of the stops making you feel like your money was well spent. Because of that, I’m already looking forward to signing up for the Double Down (Sprint and Olympic distance) option as soon as registration opens for 2018! But well before then, I’m just happy to have knocked this race out as I get one step closer to Ironman Maryland on October 7th.



Next Up: Rev3 Pocono Mountains 70.3 on August 13th.